How You Can Multiply Universal Progress With People Skills

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How You Can Multiply Universal Progress With People Skills | Blog |

What is the universal key to success? 

There are personal attributes that will always cater to your success, but only a few will aid growth. 

Maybe you’ve seen this in action and can describe the attributes you observed. 

Or perhaps you possess these skills and you know exactly why you are successful.

  • So what is your answer? 
  • Is it just natural skill? 
  • Is it a gift you are born with or is it a skill you develop?

Today we are going to talk about people skills. The universal multiplier of positivity in your life.

Let’s get started.

Your Wheelhouse

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How You Can Multiply Universal Progress With People Skills | Blog |

Well, most of you may be thinking, “I have good people skills. Especially, if I like the person.” 

Is that enough though? 

Out of 100% of the people you interact with, how many of those people fit your like-ability category? One out of ten, two out of ten, three out of ten…?

So, if you were in business, could you only get along with one, two or three out of ten customers? You’d suck at business! So, do you suck at relationships? I’ll let you answer that…

People skills are something that you can apply well because you know yourself well. 

That’s the start…When you know yourself well, you know how to resonate with people that are like you. So the next step is understanding others. 

Your goal is to have the capability to resonate with everyone based upon your understanding of the type of person you are dealing with and what they like. Similar to those you get along with that are like for your character trait.

This is a journey and will help you immensely in life. People navigate toward things that help them feel comfortable. When you care, you want everyone to feel comfortable.

My First Time Putting My Skills To The Test

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How You Can Multiply Universal Progress With People Skills | Blog |

My journey has been long and full of growth. Starting out, I didn’t think I needed any growth. 

I thought I could “turn on” what I needed for the moment and “turn off” what I didn’t need for the moment. False! 

I didn’t realize the lack of trust that I had for people and how that defensive state was affecting my relationships.

Many of us never get to see what we really look like until we are in positions of leadership; and now, you need to be the primary deliverer of messages, and not be the usual judgmental receiver. 

You see, when you are the receiver, you have no obligations, but to judge and react. Your reaction is up to you based upon the outcome you desire.

But, when you are the deliverer, you need to deliver the message with accurate verbal skills, body language and pitch/tone for the delivery to matches your true intentions.

This is necessary so the message resonates the way you intend for it to with the receiver…And guess what, this takes skills. In order to possess these skills, it takes practice and growth.

When we first end-up in a situation where we need to deliver messages on a regular basis of this nature, we often find ourselves unprepared for the task at hand.

These scenarios could happen when you need to deliver a message, be in a leadership role, within parenting, any management role, teaching, coaching or counseling anyone. The scenarios are vast.

Don’t let it be too late, and you haven’t begun preparing your skills and you fail miserably to those who depend on you.

Improving Performance 

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How You Can Multiply Universal Progress With People Skills | Blog |

My acknowledgement of needing to improve happened during my journey in leadership. 

I was a great task master and due to my performance and teamwork, I earned a leadership role within my team.

Now, I had to teach, motivate, celebrate wins, address accountability and opportunities, to improve my performance and the performance of others.

This was just a few of many leadership qualities I had to perform with my team.

With this I had to deliver messages constantly. Not only to my team, but to my counterparts, peers and direct reports. My messages had to match the intent I had in my head versus the comprehension of the receiver. 

This forces you to acknowledge your self-awareness and then begin tweaking your performance to improve it over time. 


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How You Can Multiply Universal Progress With People Skills | Blog |

This is a growth journey that is all on you. 

If you want to be great, only you can capture what your opportunities are and applying self-improvement techniques to become better with people. 

Listening to others that you trust that can give you feedback on your performances is also a key portion of your growth.

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Thanks for joining us today faithful readers – future leaders! We appreciate you!

Love ya and continue to strive for growth.

Please comment your first experience applying your skillset in personal development and people skills.