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Date / Time
Please specify the name of your LLC. We will conduct the name search to check if it is available.
Please specify the back-up name of your LLC. We will conduct the name search to check if it is available if the first option was not available.
If your LLC will not be managed by you, and will be managed by another entity, please specify the name of the managing entity below. If it will be managed by you, select manager managed and place your name in the field below.
Applicant's Residential Address
Business Address
Registered Agent Address
All states require a registered agent. We do not provide registered agent services. If you’d like to use your personal address, you can. However, it cannot be the same as the business address.
Options – Started a New Business, Hired Employees, Compliance with IRS Withholding Regulations, Banking Purpose, Changed Type of Organization, Purchases Going Business, Created a Trust, Created a Pension Plan, Other. *Be sure to specify type*
Options – Construction, Real Estate, Rental & Leasing, Manufacturing, Transportation & Warehousing, Finance & Insurance, Heath Care & Social Assistance, Accommodation & Food Service, Wholesale-Agent/Broker, Wholesale-Other, Retail, Other (specify)…
Indicate principal line of merchandise sold, specific construction work done, products produced, or services provided.
Choose a closing date for the accounting year, like 12/31, or your date of preference for tax filing purposes.
Tax Filing Status
If you are not electing to operate as a partnership of corporation, select disregarded entity.
FinCEN BOIR Filing Requirement
We will not file any new LLC formations without the $60 fee to file the beneficial ownership information report (BOIR) with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

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Note: Complete all fields, using “N/A” where new LLC formation details are unknown until formed.