Why Should You Always Lead With Positive

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Why Should You Always Lead With Positive | Blog | InvestingTE.com

What actions are attributed to your best results? 

Many times we overthink our answers for this. 

The true answer lies within what resonates with people.

So what are you doing to create and build better relationships? 

It is common that people gravitate towards things that make them feel appreciated and wanted with elements of comradery. 

Positive quotes daily is how many start their day and for a healthy reason.

There are several attributes that help to create this relationship, but there is one form of energy that initiates it all. 

  • The answer is positivity.

People gravitate towards positive energy. Within positive energy people feel comfortable, stress levels are very low or non-existent, and the ability to trust grows exponentially.


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Why Should You Always Lead With Positive | Blog | InvestingTE.com

So what allows people to feel comfortable enough to promote positivity amongst anyone?

Well, most of the attributes that allow someone to be comfortable is when a person is comfortable with themself. Self awareness, self development and confidence all work hand-in-hand.

When you know yourself well, you have the ability to know others well. 

Did you know the highest fear people have is speaking in front of groups or crowds? Why do you think that is?

People have a desire to be accepted, understood and appreciated. When they are speaking to strangers, they have no idea if any of those things are occurring. Therefore, they are uncomfortable speaking at all.

When someone knows themself well enough, they begin to understand what resonates with people and how they can be heard when they do have a message they want to convey. This is where the use of positive energy and people skills allows the message to be better accepted or heard at all.

When positivity is promoted, people will:

  • Enjoy speaking or interacting with you…
  • Feel comfortable being themselves around you…
  • Show positivity in return to you…
  • Appreciate the positivity you recognize in them…
  • Want to help you… 
  • Want to learn from you…

It’s Importance

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Why Should You Always Lead With Positive | Blog | InvestingTE.com

So why is this important? 

Well, its important for everyone to promote a positive atmosphere whether at work or not at work. But it is especially important for leaders. 

Those with positive intentions versus those with negative intentions, will cause opposite perceptions and actions with people. If you show neither, you will get nothing until you are understood.

Implementing a mode of leading with positive, in all that you do, will be very helpful towards your success. It doesn’t mean that being nice will get you what you want.

You still need to be wise and the expert at your craft. But, being positive while you do it, will grant you much more favor than without it. 

Keep these things in mind in your day-to-day practices and do you best to lead with positive in all your interactions.

People do imitate actions that produce positive results. So, begin your exemplary actions as soon as possible to have people appreciate and want to be apart of what you represent.

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. So, make sure you are setting an example or causing positive things to gravitate toward you because of the energy you exude.


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Why Should You Always Lead With Positive | Blog | InvestingTE.com
  • If you have the time, here is a great movie that speaks on the power of positive energy. The Secret

Thanks for joining us today faithful readers – future leaders

We hope today’s article was helpful for you. 

Love ya and keep striving for growth.

Please comment how your positive actions helped someone.