How Effective is Your Engagement with Your Team?

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How Effective is Your Engagement with Your Team? | Blog |

What does team building consist of?

There are several moving parts when it comes to building a team.

Where would you start if you were asked how it should be done?

There are business fundamentals that every healthy work environment should contain.

  • Trust
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Success Planning
  • Effective Engagement

Today, we will focus on the effective engagement.

With all others being present, the people side of healthy engagement is a huge component of team building.

Let’s get started.

Building Blocks

Leader presenting to a group of people that want to learn the concepts of effective team engagement.
How Effective is Your Engagement with Your Team? | Blog |

In every work atmosphere, trust should always be the first trait established.

People need to work to earn money, but they also have several choices of where they can work.

Them choosing to work with you, is a choice they will decide.

That choice is derived from the atmosphere that is provided to them and the people they work with.

As employees evaluate their degree of comfort in a working environment, and couple that with their desire to want to grow with that company, they decide if the current workplace is a pitstop or a place where they may establish a career.

The level of healthy engagement employees determine which of the two they’ll choose.

Healthy engagement comes from their peers as well as their leaders.

Once again, after trust is established, they will be more open to growing and meeting (or exceeding) expectations.

While employees get familiar with the work environment, and how the establishment operates, they are evaluating how long they willing to stay an employee.

This is where the trust, education, communication, comprehension of the goals, ability to understand and improve their performance, their ability to see their own success in that work environment, and the level of healthy engagement their leaders have with them, makes all the difference.

Let’s talk more about what effective engagement looks like.


Contemporary designed empty front desk and office, with floor to ceiling windows, made for a strong team with good team engagement.
How Effective is Your Engagement with Your Team? | Blog |

Within in working environment, there should always be a supportive structure.

That structure supports growth and should always include the following:

  1. Engaged Training
  2. Known Performance Metrics
  3. Known Performance Goals
  4. Known Expectations
  5. Known Order of Operations
  6. Known Chain of Command
  7. Known Aspirations
  8. Known Talents
  9. Known Personal Characteristics
  10. Success Planning

While the beginning of this list is generally standard in every workplace, the last four aren’t.

  • No matter the seniority of the employee, the owner of the business should always know (or be able to find out) every employee’s aspirations, talents and personal characteristics.
  • The chain of command should support the ability to identify every employee’s aspirations, talents and personal characteristics accordingly.

Through healthy and proper engagement, your structure should support an order of operations, where each employee’s individual characteristics are known.

A team that knows, understands and supports each other, is much stronger than one who doesn’t.

That understanding includes knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each other to help better support their team members where needed.

Knowing enough about someone to share a smile, share a goal, share an accomplishment, or share a failure, makes it a much different environment.

When individuals have built a stronger relationship through trust and effective engagement, their ability to operate as one team, is supported.

As leaders make the structure and order of operations more well known, it provides better transparency for all team members to know how they support each other, and how they are performing collectively.

They will also be more prone to supporting each other to see more wins.

Ultimately, they’ll look to achieve more wins and celebrating those wins together.


Confetti and balloon lift-off celebration outside for a team-win, from a strongly engaged team.
How Effective is Your Engagement with Your Team? | Blog |

Effective people skills supports anyone’s ability to have more effective engagement.

  • Positivity, discipline, goal setting, accountability and teamwork, gets people to perform at high levels.

With healthy and effective engagement, it not only makes the team stronger, it makes the teammates want to win on the same team together.

Every strong team, will be aware of the team’s structure and comprehend when it is broken.

Knowing when smoothing is broken is a strong attribute, because they’ll also know when something needs to be fixed.

  • Don’t be a part of a team where no one knows when something is broken.

If you are, there are several dysfunctions on that team that need to be corrected.

See a few supporting articles here, to help understand more of these principles shared today.

Thanks for joining us today faithful readers – future leaders.

Love ya and continue to strive for growth.

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