Where is Your List of Expectations for Your Team?

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Where is Your List of Expectations for Your Team? | Blog | InvestingTE.com

What are you doing to make sure you are setting a good example?

Many times the example we set is mirrored by others around us.

In a professional setting, the example you set as a leader, is a baseline for expectations.

If you aren’t practicing what you preach, others will not join your cause to help you achieve the goal.

There are attributes you always want to self-evaluate yourself on.

  • What is your list of characteristics you try to uhold as a professional?

There are several commendable attributes that should be at least attempted to be upheld.

Whether you use this list as an expectation checklist, or you use it to hold everyone accountable, today we will review a list of attributes for your reference.

Let’s get started.

Self-Evaluation Checklist

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Where is Your List of Expectations for Your Team? | Blog | InvestingTE.com

Motivational – 

Are you motivated by goals and do you support others by being motivational to help them obtain their goals? Motivation is a key attribute of supportive growth. Inspiring yourself or others to achieve is a motivation that will not go unnoticed.

Positivity – 

Do you lead with positive in your actions and your thoughts? Positivity is an attractive state because people want to learn and be seen in a positive light when it is something they truly care about. Leading with positivity is a characteristic of growth, leadership and development.

Presence –

Is your presence felt? Another way to describe this is, are you being a contributing factor to your team? When you contribute, your presence is felt, respected and admired. Being a team player means you’re involved.

Approach –

How are you approaching others when you either need something or you have feedback to share? Understanding people and approaching them in a manner that is respectable and engaging is important.


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Where is Your List of Expectations for Your Team? | Blog | InvestingTE.com

What is the perception that others have of you (despite what your intentions are)? Many times if our self-awareness is low, we do not match the perception that we intend to deliver. Getting feedback and also having high engagement allows you to learn more about yourself in respect to how others perceive you.

Engagement –

Do you know what people want (and why), in respect to goals, tasks and services around you? If you don’t, you are not engaged enough with those that support you. This can relate to teammates or customers. High engagement is a development trait for everyone involved. Relationships grow and progress is made, when engagement is high.

Follow Through – 

How is your follow through for tasks that you are responsible for? Are you completing tasks, whether for others, as well as for yourself? Follow through is very important in order to meet goals. Procrastination is the opposite of follow through. When follow through is lacking, tasks go incomplete causing lack of efficiency.

Attitude –

When being spoken to, or when you are speaking to others, what attitude do you portray? This could possibly be an attribute that you could or could not be aware of, based upon your degree of self-awareness. Attitude affects comfort, and comfort affects the work environment. Be sure your attitude reflects symmetry with the work environment you want to promote.

Exemplary –

Within your daily activities and interactions, do you display exemplary service? Meaning, someone would want to emulate you because they respect your abilities. Being a good example sets the bar to expectations. Great examples breed more great examples. Don’t expect greatness and exemplify mediocrity.


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Where is Your List of Expectations for Your Team? | Blog | InvestingTE.com

Are you punctual? When a schedule is set, are you on time and ready to participate? Being punctual shows commitment, respect, discipline and professionalism. Be on time.

Time Management – 

How are you at managing your time? When provided with tasks, how do you set a plan to complete those tasks? Managing your time is a by-product of getting things completed on time and correctly. Comprehension of the task as well as self-discipline is necessary in order for your time to be well spent and managed well within your responsibilities.

Initiative –

Do you take initiative? How often do you go first? Initiative is a ice-breaking characteristic and can be motivational for others to challenge themselves. Initiative can spark healthy competition and development.

Ownership – 

Do you own what you do when done correctly or incorrectly? Ownership is a maturity based and self-awareness based characteristic within development. People with high accountability for what they are responsible for, exude ownership in anything they do. 

Developmental – 

What are you doing to make sure you are continuously developing? Setting challenging goals and holding yourself accountable to your results is a start. Next you want to realize what you need in order to improve and put those things into action. Growth is a by-product of knowing yourself well and setting challenges for yourself whether they are things you are comfortable doing or things you are uncomfortable doing.

Style Flexing

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Where is Your List of Expectations for Your Team? | Blog | InvestingTE.com

How well do you understand yourself and others? People skills goes a long way because the ability to communicate well, requires the ability to understand people.

People have different likes and dislikes as well as things that drives them or things that don’t drive them. When you understand people, and have good intentions, you will use your ability to style flex in order to promote high engagement, communication and teamwork.

Be sure to work on your ability to understand people and their various behavior styles.

Honesty –

Are you honest and free of gossip? Honesty is a by-product of trust and trust is the first building block in any atmosphere. Without honesty, an environment will be very dysfunctional.

Being honest can provoke improvement, communication and positivity. With all of these present, development will happen.

Sense of Humor – 

Are you okay with having fun? You can still be productive and have fun. Sometimes, an environment can be very restrictive if there isn’t a level of comfort where people feel they can smile or laugh. It doesn’t mean people will stay off-task.

Promoting and celebrating wins is an important aspect to promote growth. Know how to have fun and allow your positivity to lead you along a path of having fun with things worthy of praise.


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Where is Your List of Expectations for Your Team? | Blog | InvestingTE.com

Keep these attributes front and central, and you will not only develop the people around you in a positive way, it will help develop you as well. 

Thanks for joining us today faithful readers – future leaders.

Love ya and continue to strive for growth.

Please comment if you practice keeping these characteristics active in your life.