How Your Mindset Can Help Your Success

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How Your Mindset Can Help Your Success | Blog |

As I walked into work not knowing what the day would entail, I thought to myself “I hope today isn’t a whirlwind!” 

Many times, until I learned to shift my mindset from “me” to “team”, I wasn’t successfully controlling my atmosphere mentally. 

To be a leader, you must lead the way, and I was getting in my way

Altering your mindset from a mental space your mind has taken you for years is not easy. 

  • “So how do you do that?” You may ask… 

Well, take a quick journey with me and I’ll show you how.

Let’s get started…


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How Your Mindset Can Help Your Success | Blog |

Survival is different for everyone. Those survival techniques are taken everywhere we go, until we have those “ah-ha” moments of where we observe an opportunity to self-improve. 

  • These are moments where we wake up and see ourselves, and recognize what we can do to help ourselves grow.

Self-reflection is the catalyst to change and growth. That growth not only applies to you, but to those around you as well…

Notice my mindset upon coming to work was easily defeated if the outcome wasn’t what I preferred. Be mindful, this affected my energy and attitude. 

  • So what if I anticipated work being a (possible) whirlwind and prepared myself mentally for that instead? 
  • Would I be ready for whatever? 

If it turned out not be a whirlwind, I’d be happy with the outcome! 

Or if it was in fact a whirlwind, I’d be prepared to take it head on.

So, the answer is yes…Mind control is what many successful people possess and you’ll never know it. 

A positive mind-state exudes positive energy. 

 So, let’s talk about positivity. 

Positivity & Self-Improvement

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How Your Mindset Can Help Your Success | Blog |

When I began to practice positive mind control faithfully, by forcing a mental alteration of my mind-state when I knew where to apply it, I became well prepared for any day that came my way. 

As time progressed, I got better and better at this. 

This also helped me display a healthy example to my team. 

My growth spurt had begun. 

Every time I saw myself drifting into an unhealthy mind-state I’d force my mentality elsewhere. Somewhere positive…

I think its important that we all know the abilities we have. 

How we can control our atmospheres with positive energy and mind control is a great attribute.

Once we realize when we need to apply it mentally, we can begin to apply the changes and observe the results.  

Before I get into the primary topics, I want to give you a few sources to help understand this concept, so you can begin to improve your mindsets personally. 

I invite you to check out the book, The Secret and a series called Brain Games. 

Both are about mind control and the various applications of each.

So, let us expand upon self and begin to apply this to business. 

If you are a leader, your actions are observed by many. 

In being an example, others are learning from you whether you believe it or not. 

So, let us apply mindset to 5 essential elements of service that are unavoidable if you want to be successful.

5 Elements of Service You Can’t Avoid

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How Your Mindset Can Help Your Success | Blog |

1) LEADS  

First up, let’s look at your sales leads.  

A sales lead is a person or a business which a salesperson intends to win as a future client. 

Now, does mindset apply to how potentially successful you can be based upon how you develop a relationship with your leads? 

Of course it does. 

For real estate, whether you are sending direct mail, knocking on doors, cold calling, have a podcast, organize or host local meet-ups, gain foot traffic to a store-front, post band-it signs, send text messages, send VM drops, run ads on television (radio or online), you have a strategy to developing leads. 

  • When customers call, email, text or walk-in, where is your mindset when servicing them? 
  • Are you creating a great experience for them? 

Also, let’s not just cater these actions to you solely…

How about your team?  Where is their mindset so that their service with these potential customers is memorable? 

  • Notice – the positive energy is a necessity for a memorable customer experience.


So let’s say you’ve catered to the needs of the customer well and now you are establishing a follow-up call or a meeting with them. 

Perhaps your initial rapport was sufficient enough for them to arrange next steps with you. 

Good job!  Now you must maintain or improve that relationship in order to make it to the next step. 

So, let us apply mindset to 5 essential elements of service that are unavoidable if you want to be successful at style-flexing, character building and business acumen. 

If this isn’t present, you could easily lose the customer when it comes to building rapport. 

Check out these books on being a better servicemen, The Go-Giver and Versatile Selling. 

These are awesome books that will cater to building your ability to service better. 

  • Notice – the positive energy is a necessity for a memorable customer experience.


With responsibility comes organization, accountability, consistency, feedback and follow through. 

Therefore, an initial contact of rapport building, does not always mean the deal is sealed. 

In most cases, your follow through and follow-up style is key to getting to the next step. This service regime is only successful when proper engagement, trust and professionalism has occurred within these follow-ups. 

A customer could easily not respond to your follow-ups and dismiss you without telling you due to lack of proper engagement, trust and professionalism. 

How do you counter this to the best of your ability?  Service. 

That service should have a foundation of positivity and care. 

80% or more of my business is likely going to be from follow-ups.   Be prepared and prepare your team. 

Effective communication is very key for your team and with the customer. 

  • Notice – the positive energy is a necessity for a memorable customer experience.


Understand, the more your team grows, the more your teams’ effectiveness will rely on the team structure you’ve established and maintained.  

Positivity is the first leadership skill you’ll need to show to sustain trust. 

Next is the information you provide to your team as a source of knowledge to strengthen their ability to fluidly understand a process. 

These prior attributes will support the confidence they will need to share their observations and feedback with other team members. 

Now you’re getting closer to the ability to perform at a high level. 

  • If you haven’t read the last blog Ready to Run Your Own Business?, this is covered well in that article. 
  • It focuses on establishing teamwork to create a top performing team. It will help conclude the aspects of what creates a top performing team. 

Your service to your team, as well as your teams level of service with each other, is vital to success. 

  • Notice how mindset and the need for positive interactions is highly important here.


In all aspects of your business, including what we’ve covered so far, there are results.  

Attention to those results, and how you apply continuous improvement, is a component of service. 

Results are the core of your teams strength and confidence. 

This confidence will allow the ability for the team to be top performers. You owe it to each other to target performing at a high level. 

Reviewing results, to recalibrate action plans, is vital for continuous improvement. 

A good service element, is to be inclusive with your team and collect thoughts to collectively align best practices. 

A leader will make sure these healthy aspects are apart of the teams core, support healthy communication and give praise accordingly. 

Results should also be shared by expressing positive wins as well as any opportunities to improve. 

  • Notice – this positive energy is a necessity for a strong team.


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How Your Mindset Can Help Your Success | Blog |

None of these elements can be avoided within a successful team and they are ideally led with positivity. 

When performed correctly, one realizes the high degree of mindset required to lead successfully. 

The sooner it becomes natural, the better.  

Until then, practice is what makes champions. 

Although it is the responsibility of the leader to demand that these attributes exist, it is up to every team member to practice, improve and sustain these healthy habits individually. 

Individual growth creates growth as a unit.

Thanks for joining me for this journey faithful readers-future leaders. Have a great day!

Do these elements exist within your team? Please comment.