How to Use Your Unique Talents to Rise to the Top

How to Use Your Unique Talents to Rise to the Top | Blog |
How to Use Your Unique Talents to Rise to the Top | Blog |

Do you know what the saying means “the cream rises to the top”? 

Give me your perception of that phrase right now. 

The practical use of this phrase has always been important. 

Perhaps it is even more important today.

Putting your best foot forward and being the “cream” is vital to meeting your goals. 

My idea of what this phrase means is that you always have the basics of anything (i.e.. coffee), but when you add your uniqueness (or flavor i.e. “cream”), you get noticed for the great uniqueness you’ve brought. 

Being that the cream adds a good flavor, your uniqueness is also intended to be positive.

The actual phrase means: A good person or idea cannot go unnoticed for long, just as cream poured in coffee or tea eventually rises to the top.

With all that is changing in today’s times, it is imperative that everyone is bringing their positive unique characteristics forward, or bringing their proverbial “cream”.

Today, we will discuss how your uniqueness can help serve a grand purpose.

Let’s get started…


Macro Investments LLC: Self-Development - "Cream Rises to the Top" (Personal Development & Investing Education)
How to Use Your Unique Talents to Rise to the Top | Blog |

More than anything, several norms are in transformation stages. 

Whether you realize it or not, several things are changing or have been changing and we are approaching the crux of it. No matter the atmosphere, change is underway. 

Let’s take real estate for example.

Real estate is changing due to working from home, iBuying, self-listing services and the overall age of information that YouTube has delivered us. 

In this industry, here is a great example where your uniqueness is vital to your success or failure. If you are not providing great service you may lose to those that do. Being creative, unique in your expertise, and providing great service and professionalism, will grant you favor by the customer. Fail to display these and you may see a decline in business.

The demand for agents is declining. Not to mention, a lack of inventory which allows less opportunities to display your skillset. Adding your unique abilities is a pressing issue for your own benefit.

  • Be prepared that sellers will force competition amongst prospective buyers to the seller’s benefit. 
  • Be prepared that sellers may also challenge more things overall. 
  • Be sure you are thorough in your communication and processes. 

As they say, cross your T’s and dot your I’s. 

  • Explain what your paperwork means and how it effects processes moving forward. 
  • Have your attorneys prepared if illegal or unethical conduct occurs. 
  • Know your contingency plans, whether things take a positive or negative turn.
  • Lead with unmatched service with an open door policy.

No matter what your industry is, the challenge is and has been upon us. Use the details in this example to apply to any industry you’re in. 

Mom and pop shops have been feeling this pain for several years now. But, if you haven’t noticed, its occurring in more markets as well.

Now, let’s discuss economic needs and the unique demand that needs to be fulfilled.


Macro Investments LLC: Self-Development - "Cream Rises to the Top" (Personal Development & Investing Education)
How to Use Your Unique Talents to Rise to the Top | Blog |

Energy, infrastructure, technology, housing, ecommerce and many other industries are also changing. Within each of these topics many have experienced the effects of these industries personally.

We can expect more industrial jobs as ecommerce is thriving and will continue to. Specifically in supply chain, there is a very high demand. 

Logistics is a very integral part of how we will rebound and perform worldwide over the next decade.

It is definitely overdue that we reinforce the importance of trade skills. 

As they used to say, working with your hands. We have so much change occurring in technology that many are thriving off digital commerce. This is dramatically affected the outlook on trade skills and college. 

Without the focus on expressing emphasis on the need for trade skills, we will not see supply chain bottlenecks improve in the near term. With inflation on the table, attention to detail isn’t something we can neglect. 

Our performance in the next decades will be crucial. 

  • Do you think we’ll fill the demand and if so, how will it happen? 
  • Will the current and next working class, fill these demands for logistics and supply chain? 
  • Will we need a wave of new immigrants in the U.S. to fulfill this demand if the current population isn’t capable?

Regardless of what the future will become, we need focus, teamwork and everyone to bringing their uniqueness and “cream”.

Now, let’s talk a little about balance and creating more success in your personal time outside of work.


Macro Investments LLC: Self-Development - "Cream Rises to the Top" (Personal Development & Investing Education)
How to Use Your Unique Talents to Rise to the Top | Blog |

If all these things aren’t resonating with you, you may not even realize all the waves of investment opportunities also presenting themselves. 

Check these articles out if you’d like to get our perspective on the wave of investment opportunities you may want to take heed to. 

Putting your best foot forward, to educate yourself and take action is also a self-development step in the right direction. 

Yet, another place for you to bring your uniqueness and make choices that could benefit you and your family in the decades to come. 

  • Feel free to connect on several of these topics and book a call with us. Several services to choose from.

Our consulting and educational services are here for that purpose.


How to Use Your Unique Talents to Rise to the Top | Blog |
How to Use Your Unique Talents to Rise to the Top | Blog |

In summary, put you best foot forward. Continue to pay close attention to the many changes that are upon us. 

Take heed to the Pareto Principle in your self-conduct as well as those you conduct business with. That 80/20 principle will be very important in these times.

Using your time wisely, is an effective skill you will want to act on. Eliminate wasteful aspects that are not productive in your life. 

Used in the perspective of real estate investing, we discussed several aspects of how to apply this principle.

Thanks for joining us today faithful readers – future leaders.

Love ya and continue to strive for growth.

Please comment your plans moving forward and how you will add your uniqueness to bring more positive results.

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