What are the Best Potential Investments Today?

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What are the Best Potential Investments Today? | Blog | InvestingTE.com

What do you think will be good investments over the next decade? 

There are several changes underway within commerce and the economy. 

Last week, we spoke about all the eras of change upon us in our article titled The Era of Change & Investing. Check it out.

So where could there be a great possible investments for the long term? 

Let’s go over a few that I think could be lucrative.

Let’s get started.

Real Estate

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What are the Best Potential Investments Today? | Blog | InvestingTE.com

We all know there is a shortage of several forms of real estate. 

Residential and commercial real estate is needed. Particularly in the industrial space. Ecommerce is not going away and is making its presence felt mor and more. 

Ecommerce is single handily changing the face real estate due to online shopping.

Industrial space is needed and has been short on supply right along with residential real estate. Although we don’t know the state of office space in the commercial realm, we know office conversions to other property types are occurring and will continue to occur.

Due to the length of leases in the commercial office space realm, we haven’t seen a hard-fast deficit in ownership profits. Most commercial leases are 5 years or more. This factor alone has allowed less expressed sentiment related  to COVID-19 and it’s after-effects. The delayed results, due to the lease terms has been helpful. Although, still highly noteworthy until true results are released.

Let’s not forget housing and the 4-5 million homes that we are short supply on…

Overall, development and conversions are upon us. 

Some may compare the current demand to build as being the highest since post World War II when many major U.S. metropolitan areas were developed. 

This leads me to another sector that supports the soon to be announced investment…


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What are the Best Potential Investments Today? | Blog | InvestingTE.com

I recall in an economics class back in the early 2000’s referring to how the nation (and/or world) would need to convert away from oil and coal, to establish new and cleaner energy sources by 2050. 

Now in 2022, we are seeing those changes take effect more aggressively. 

We have all seen other forms of energy in production; like wind, solar and recently electric in the automobile industry.

Several government initiatives are underway to create new norms. 

Electric cars began with Telsa and now have established itself into practically every model car we know.

In 10 years, we are likely to see many more electric cars on the road than we do today. As that is happening, every consumer will be adapting their lifestyles to support the new norms. 

Whether that means finding ways to produce more reusable energy in each household to save on expenses, a charging source to energize their cars, or to save on heating and cooling their homes, these changes will be upon us.

So this leads into the investment, I think will a major component in all mentioned…

Precious Metals

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What are the Best Potential Investments Today? | Blog | InvestingTE.com

Over the next decade and beyond, I think that precious metals will be a good long term investment. Steel and copper being the two main metals. 

I think these two alone will be huge proponents in development across the world, covering both the property and automobile industries.

Copper is a primary conductor for electricity and is used highly in residential and commercial development. An electric car requires 3 times the amount of copper it does today’s cars. 

When you add the demand in home building, we see a huge demand forthcoming. 

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