Should I Get Started with Investing Now or Wait?

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Should I Get Started with Investing Now or Wait? | Blog |

Is it a good time to get started in investing? 

There are a lot of changes in today’s era and many are finding it difficult to decide if the timing is right. 

Real estate, stocks, and starting a business can all be difficult decisions right now.

Today, we will discuss getting started, education and balance.

Let’s get started.


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Should I Get Started with Investing Now or Wait? | Blog |

We always hear, “Get started!” all the time when it comes to beginning any investment.

The nature of this advice is based upon the time it takes for your wealth to compound and actually reach a value that will grant you more freedom. 

It is important you get started as soon as you can and that doesn’t change today. 

In fact, today is a more opportune time than any, to get started. 

However, today is also a time where you need to be well educated so you make the right decisions.

You could definitely buy the wrong thing, whether real estate or stocks, and cause more detriment than favor to your net worth. Not to mention, starting a business during a time where everyone is more cash poor due to inflation.

Overall, today is a great time to get started. But, it is also a time where you must be highly educated and calculated in your decisions. Diversifying is also the best way to mitigate risk.

The reason your decisions need to be highly calculated is primarily because of inflation and the recessionary times we are facing. 

Individuals and companies have less cash due to higher interest rates. 

Real estate will also see reevaluations as buyers are able to afford less and less.

This is where your education will be very necessary.


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Should I Get Started with Investing Now or Wait? | Blog |

Asset classes in real estate and company performances for stocks, are at jeopardy, and could face substantial change over the next 5-10 years. 

However, within that batch, there will be some absolute winners.

See our articles on the following topics to develop better understanding of the opportunities and changes we are experiencing today.

The importance of you understanding the shift and rebalancing, that is currently underway, is important. If you aren’t educated in the “how, where, what and when to buy”, you could make a uneducated decision.

For real estate educate yourself on what makes up the criteria for great locations and understand how to evaluate asset classes. 

These articles will be helpful in your education.

For stocks, it is important you understand fundamental analysis and some technical analysis.

Once you identify the companies you want to invest in, create a plan to dollar cost average into your investments and get started. We will remain at market bottoms for possibly the next 6-12 months.

New highs will begin sooner for some companies, but overall growth in the market rebounding will be based upon economic recovery, innovation, company strength and great company initiatives that prove high engagement with their customers.

This brings us to our last topic for today’s article.


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Should I Get Started with Investing Now or Wait? | Blog |

Although many look for quick answers, today’s times are not the times to be guessing. 

Your decisions need to be as educated as possible and you may make huge strides in your net worth over the next 10 to 20 years.

Education is always the starting point. 

In The Era of Change & Investing, we speak about all off the changes that are underway today and how they can be helpful to you as an investor if your are aware of the changes.

  • After your education, the tools that you use are next most important. 

Evaluation techniques come down to comprehension, evaluation, and making the right entrance into any investment and this is where your tools matter.

  • We have several investment tools you can visit in our Shop.
  • One that would be highly effective in this forward planning is ourΒ Financial Planning Investment Calculator. It allows you to evaluate your budget, your debt payoff and your real estate/stock market investments.

Thanks for joining us today faithful readers – future leaders.

Love ya and continue to strive for growth. 

Please comment how you plan to make your investments over the next few years.