12 Tax Lien & Tax Deed Auction Sources

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12 Tax Lien & Tax Deed Auction Sources | Blog | InvestingTE.com

How do I find tax delinquent properties in my area?

Many of you may be asking yourself, where you can go to purchase tax liens and tax deeds.

The answer is two places.

  • The first is directly from the county which could be online or in person.
  • The second is though an intermediate source that could be online or in person.

Tax liens and tax deeds are known to produce higher than average stock market returns.

For this reason, this investing strategy can be lucrative.

To get a more in-depth education on investing in tax liens and tax deeds, check out this article:

Understand, with high rewards, there are high risks.

Be sure you complete all possible due diligence on any tax lien or tax deed investment, as well as having an actionable exit strategy.

After you have educated yourself, you can begin shopping.

This article caters to those looking to begin their shopping.

See the list below of twelve sources, that offer access to more than one county’s tax sale.

  • Any county that has a direct sale for their county alone, is not listed in this article.
  • You can use Naco.org to locate any county’s website to research where, when, and how they hold their auction.

Let’s get started!

Note: For each website; you will see the state, the amount of counties they support, and the type of sale they hold.

  • *CS means ‘coming soon’ and NA means ‘not available’…
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12 Tax Lien and Tax Deed Website Resources | Blog | InvestingTE.com

12 Tax Lien and Tax Deed Auction Sources

  1. RealAuction.com
    • Tax Deeds
      • CA (1) FL (45) ID (1) TX (22), WA (1)
    • Tax Liens
      • AZ (8), CO (13), FL (13), IL (1), MD (14), NB (1), NJ (241) – Municipalities, NY (1)
  2. XOME.com – This website is confusing as it doesn’t display whether the sale is a tax foreclosure or bank foreclosure. However, they say they hold both sale types. confusing but says they offer both.
  3. Bid4Assets.com
    • Tax Deeds
      • WA (3), CA (1), PA (1)
    • Tax Liens
      • MT (1), NV (2)
  4. Taxsales.lgbs.com
    • Tax Deeds
      • TX (46), PA (1)
  5. Pbfcm.com
    • Tax Deeds
      • TX (11)
  6. Sriservices.com
    • Tax Liens
      • CO (CS), FL (CS), IN (85), LA (CS), MI (CS), AL (CS)
  7. Govease.com
    • Tax Deeds
      • CA (1), CO (3), PA (1), TN (9), TX (1)
    • Tax Liens
      • IA (9), IN (1)
  8. cttaxsales.com
    • Tax Deds
      • CT (8)
  9. Taxva.com
    • Tax Deeds
      • VA (19)
  10. www.nyc.gov/site/finance/taxes/property-lien-sales.page
    • Both
      • 5 Boroughs
  11. Civicsource.com
    • Tax Liens
      • LA (35)
    • Tax Deeds
      • KS (1), RI (NA), TN (NA)
    • Both
      • MS (NA), MO (NA)
  12. Parcelfair.com
    • Tax Liens
      • IN (70), MD (NA), MS (73), NJ (21)
    • Tax Deeds
      • AR (75), TN (NA)
    • Both
      • AL (68), AZ (15), FL (67)
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12 Tax Lien and Tax Deed Auction Resources | Blog | InvestingTE.com

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