How to Improve Your Results and Performance

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How to Improve Your Results and Performance | Blog |

What is a true telltale sign of performance? 

No matter how long you’ve been in business, how many reviews you have, or how well known you are, there are true signs of performance that tells like no other.

Results are the true sign of capable performance. 

No matter what you do, your results tell the story.

From customer service, to key performance indicators, to ability to build rapport, results are the true measure of how you are performing. 

So how do you gage your results?

Today we will review a few techniques to gage how you are performing by gaging your results.

In our day-to-day business, we encounter many behavior types and we must keep a keen eye on who can deliver and who is still building. 

Some may not be capable of building and don’t know it. But that’s not up to us, to correct. The aspiration is to build partnerships with those that can add value to your business. If open to feedback, perhaps you can share your observations in hopes that any potential businesses or people you network with can improve.

Eye For Talent & Development

A key attribute is having an eye for talent. Everyone doesn’t need to be perfect today, but the potential to be great must be recognizable today. This is where your leadership skills will support you. If you haven’t been in a leadership role before, you need to work on getting to know yourself and behavior styles. 

See our article on Achieving Trust & Building Relationships. It will be very helpful in catering to your growth. 

Recognizing talent includes people who are; 

  • Accountable
  • Take ownership
  • Have good people skills 
  • Have good communication skills
  • Are punctual
  • Focus on results
  • Are passionate about preforming at a high level
  • Have a good attitude
  • Honest
  • Motivated
  • Have follow through
  • Team players 

Yes, that’s a lot. But, people are complex and we can carry the load. 

Simple is as simple does. So, if you want simple, expect mediocrity at best. 

All that is listed here, does not need to be contained by the person today. But, the ability to contain each of these at a high level in the future, is the gage on their true potential.

Listening Skills

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How to Improve Your Results and Performance | Blog |

Listening is a key attribute in understanding people. Listening in the aspect of being observant to expressions; to intent, to behavior, to focus, to people skills and to passion, are key aspects to take heed of. 

Not only should you be observant is respect to learning the person better, but you need to actually listen in respect to learning from them as well. 

Being in a leadership role does not only grant you a directive role, but you should also be prepared be receptive as well. If you can’t receive, you lack development yourself. 

A team works in all directions.

A key aspect you will find in good leaders is their ability to direct, coach, help, motivate and join-in on a common goal. 

People skills are always number one! 

Be mindful of this and listen in all aspects of leadership.

Accountability & Ownership

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How to Improve Your Results and Performance | Blog |

Unfortunately, we have many people that grasp on to concepts and phrases that present an image of expertise. 

Only using these techniques to uphold an image although their actions and words are not genuine. Truly they are not experts or contain the image they are presenting. 

I have often heard people present the tenure flag, and at the same time their business appears to be in the beginner stage. 

“I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been doing this for 30 years!”

  • Okay, lets see your results. 
  • Do your results align with a 30 year old successful business or a 30 year old mediocre business at best? 

Results! Results tell the story!

So now, direct that toward yourself. We are not about finger pointing here. 

  • What does your business show a reflection of? High, medium or low level performances? 

Use the same eye for detail you would with someone else on yourself and your team. 

Are you aspiring to grow or are you okay with mediocrity? Whatever your goal is, is fine. 

Everyone has different expectations for themselves and that is okay. Just make sure your results are meeting your expectations. This is where ownership meets action. 

  • When you acknowledge the need for change, you step up to the plate. 
  • When you acknowledge the need for praise due to a superior performance, you also step up to the plate. 

Positivity is a trait that should always overrule in any business. It supports a healthy culture. That doesn’t mean people are not held accountable. It means you always own your results. 

Ownership is always on the individual level. It’s not a concept. It’s an actuality that exists and is conducted regularly.


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How to Improve Your Results and Performance | Blog |

There are many respects to gaging, supporting and developing great results. 

Those results are in your everyday performances, covering all aspects of your businesses engagement internally and externally.

Be sure you are coaching for peak performance and promoting strong results within your business. 

Everyone involved with your business will appreciate your efforts and leadership.

Thanks for joining us today faithful readers-future leaders.

Love ya and keep striving for growth.

Please comment your wins and pains when it comes to results driven behavior.