5 Disciplines That Can Help You Achieve Growth

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5 Disciplines That Can Help You Achieve Growth | Blog | InvestingTE.com

What is attributed to wisdom? 

There are several aspects of becoming wise, and knowledge and experience, makes up wisdom.

However, to obtain wisdom, discipline is necessary.

There are experiences that grant you wisdom in life, and learning or acknowledging them is necessary. 

  • What would you attest to your growth and wisdom?
  • What tips would you give someone else looking to gain the same wisdom?

Today, we will review several recommended habits to support gaining wisdom.

Let’s get started…

1. Confidence

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5 Disciplines That Can Help You Achieve Growth | Blog | InvestingTE.com

Regardless of what your experiences are, and how you’ve obtained them, everyone needs to develop a level of confidence where they feel they can meet or exceed expectations for any desired discipline of their choice.

This starts at a young age with the experiences you are able to obtain. 

Some of you may have had parents/guardians to provide versatile experiences for you. While others may have learned on their own. 

Regardless, those experiences are instrumental in you learning where you have talent.

Much of your learned skills happens in school. The degree of how much is acquired in school will be affected by the school’s curriculum and the school’s engagement with their students.

This is why so much emphasis is stressed on good school districts and where people live. 

From the toddler to teenage stages, education and confidence is a very important skill to obtain.

Activities outside of school are also very important. Simply due to a person’s comfort level while in school, school may not be the sole environment for every child to grow exponentially. 

There is always a level of fulfillment the school may obtain for each individual. So, supplemental experience is always necessary. Extracurricular activities are important for growth.

  • Simple things like board games, playing sports, playing instruments, theatrics, reading and several others, are great extra curricular activities to challenge you. It also helps obtain knowledge of your strengths, weaknesses and passions.

Simply acknowledging strengths, weaknesses and passion, are the building blocks to gaining confidence. 

Once one learns what they like, dislike and where they excel, they can develop action plans that support them best.

The discipline in gaining confidence is the first building block to gaining wisdom.

2. Health

Dumbbells, sneakers, a body-weight scale, a bottled water, measuring tape and a light breakfast show a discipline of acquiring personal growth.
5 Disciplines That Can Help You Achieve Growth | Blog | InvestingTE.com

No matter how active you are or want to be, a necessary building block to obtaining wisdom is energy. 

  • Without the energy to complete tasks, you stunt your growth substantially.

No one can perform at a high-level with low energy or being easily fatigued.

Simply think of all the time you’ll waste if you don’t capture as much time as possible to grow. You can easily lose years of potential advancement, by simply having bad health or low energy.

Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is important to obtain. Ultimately, diet and physical exercise is the best form of maintaining high energy levels.

This is a necessary discipline if you intend to make the best use of your time consistently.

Do your best to maintain high energy levels.

3. People Skills, Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

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5 Disciplines That Can Help You Achieve Growth | Blog | InvestingTE.com

In applying effective use of your time, it is important that you develop understanding for yourself. 

Yes, everyone has different behavior styles, but most of us fit into one or two primary categories.

I recommend you learn your behavior style and the style of others. 

This allows you to establish the building blocks, to not only understand yourself better, but to also understand others.

When you understand yourself and others well, you learn how to communicate well with people like you and people not like you.

Communication is a key aspect to acquiring wisdom. As you learn how to effectively communicate with people, you will learn how to be more effective expressing yourself.

As you advance, you will also gain much better self-awareness. At the point where you understand how to project your intent well through your words and body language, you are at the developmental stages of becoming more emotionally intelligent.

  • Emotional intelligence, is the ability to understand where your emotions may take you, but also knowing the best actions or words based upon the situation and atmosphere. At times your emotions and the reaction or response, may be two completely different things. Other times, they may match. 

Emotional intelligence, is having the ability to recognize both, and to act accordingly, no matter what your emotions are.

Much of this growth requires you to acknowledge where your personal growth is needed.

The beginning is usually altering your mind-state to support improved action planning in the moments where the improvement is needed.

This is specifically the implementation of change mentally. Then, from mental change, to altering your words and actions to support improvement.

People skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence is very necessary if you plan to gain higher levels of wisdom at any time in your life.

Comprehension of self and others, is a vital skill in becoming wiser.

4. Expertise/Specialty

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5 Disciplines That Can Help You Achieve Growth | Blog | InvestingTE.com

Within your efforts to become successful, there will be a point where the use of your strengths and the application of your passions, will combine. 

Whatever you are passionate about, that also supports you financially, will be where you begin developing your expertise of your craft.

Dialing into every aspect of knowing your craft is essential. If you intend to be a top performer amongst your peers in your field, you must educate yourself.

Education requires discipline because regardless of where you access the information, you must absorb, retain and be able to communicate your knowledge in a way that others receive well.

  • This is where your prior disciplines of confidence, health, people skills, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and expertise/specialty, all comes together.

At this stage, the fruits of your labor are now rewarding you. Through your prior discipline and development, you are now able to support others through your expertise.

When people choose to work with you, it shows the trust you’ve established with them due to the wisdom obtained along your journey.

Continue to focus on your craft, your customer service, and continuous improvement.

5. Goals and Results

Person hold a fountain pen and reviews paperwork to make sure results and goals are aligned.
5 Disciplines That Can Help You Achieve Growth | Blog | InvestingTE.com

The last and final discipline, is the accountability of setting your goals and paying attention to your results.

As you set goals and acknowledge your performance, you should recognize the why behind your wins and your losses. 

  • Accountability to those strengths and weaknesses, is by setting action plans to improve both.

Your emotional intelligence should support you acknowledging where the improvement is needed. 

Sometimes it is within in you and your personal growth, and other times it is within the development of your team.

Creating transparency in how you and your team will arrive at the goal is based upon your leadership ability.

Setting clear and actionable plans for everyone is what leaders do. 

Acknowledgement of each individual’s growth stage, so you know what developmental tasks to issue to them, is also important.

Be sure to keep track of your results, stay engaged and promote actions that help you and others grow their ability to obtain wisdom.

Discipline will get you there!

Thanks for joining us faithful readers – future leaders.

Love ya and continue to strive for growth.

Please comment what other disciplines you would add to help others achieve wisdom.