Understanding Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing


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Understanding Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing: No Fluff (Real Estate Knowledge Series Book 3) PDF 1.05 MB
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Understanding Tax Lien & Tax Deed Investing: No Fluff

Interested in learning how to invest in tax liens, tax deeds, tax certificates and/or tax sale auctions?

Look no further.

Get a comprehensive tool that will not only help your decision making process faster, but also allows you to easily retain operational plans.

See reviews from other satisfied customers –

“I really enjoyed the tips provided – they are clear, specific and straight to the point. The process to follow is very well explained. To be honest, I tried 4 years ago to invest in tax liens but I gave up due to the complexity of the process and the lack of accessible resource – I really wish I found this book earlier !” -From: Virginie1985 Rating: 5/5

“If you’re looking at tax deed or tax lien investing, knowledge is power. This book gives you solid advice on the opportunities and pitfalls associated with a tax deed investing strategy. A quick and informative book.” -From: Joe Rating: 5/5

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What will you get from this series from C.R. Wesley?

  • The power of knowledge is in the action. In C.R. Wesley’s Real Estate Knowledge Series, you will start with an entry level welcome into the real estate market followed by steppingstones to new endeavors.
  • This third piece of literature in the Real Estate Knowledge Series, is going into the depths of tax lien and tax deed investing. Ready to learn the process? You have previously learned how to acquire your first home with down payment assistance, acquire rental property for your portfolio and now it is time for your understand how tax liens and tax deeds work end-to-end! So, let us get started!


  • In this Real Estate Knowledge Series Book 3, Understanding Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing – No FluffΒ©, we will display how tax liens and tax deed investing can be a very lucrative investment strategy! You will learn how everything occurs for the taxpayer as well as you, the tax buyer. With over 3000 counties in the US holding these tax sales, this is a key aspect of investing to learn. Get your copy today so you will be well equipped to take action!
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  • You will learn a great deal whether; 1) this is a new topic for you, 2) you are a seasoned investor just looking to stay sharp or 3) you are looking for a guide to keep you centered!


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