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Transform Your Renovation Projects with Our FREE Renovation Budget Calculator!

Whether you’re a wholesaler or gearing up for a renovation endeavor, our tool is your go-to solution for calculating repair costs effortlessly.

With this FREE Microsoft Excel based tool, simply input the property’s total square footage and the square footage of each room to instantly access a reference to potential renovation costs. From every scope of work needed for residential flips to labor and material expenses, our calculator provides quick estimates for savvy decision-making. And for those seeking pinpoint accuracy, customize your inputs for a precise renovation cost breakdown.

But that’s not all – here’s why our tool stands out:

🔨 Comprehensive Scope: Covering every potential scope of work for residential flips, our calculator ensures no detail is overlooked, empowering flippers, homeowners, and wholesalers alike.

💡 Enhanced Decision-Making: Streamline your decision-making process and retain operational plans effortlessly, whether for solo endeavors or team collaboration.

💰 Cost-Efficient Solutions: Maximize your budgeting efficiency and gain insights into renovation costs upfront, saving both time and resources.

At, we’re committed to arming you with the tools for informed investment decisions.

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Ready to elevate your renovation game?

Explore our range of tools and resources tailored to simplify real estate investment. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned investor, our renovation budget calculator offers invaluable insights into renovation cost estimates.

Backed by years of real estate and investment expertise, you can trust us to guide you toward confident choices.

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Don’t miss our Downloadable Video Tutorial: Renovation Budget Calculator (zip file) for expert tips to streamline your renovation projects.