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Redfin CEO explains why the housing market is taking a beating

Glenn Kelman, Redfin CEO, joins 'Squawk on the Street' to discuss how big of an impact the higher mortgage rates are having on the housing industry, whether the Federal Reserve's rate hike path is having the intended effect on home prices, rents, and more.

Florida tops New York as second-biggest U.S. housing market: Report

Florida has surpassed New York as the second most valuable United States housing market. The top five most valuable housing markets in the U.S. are: California, Florida, New York, Texas, and New Jersey, according to Zillow.

Realtors and mortgage lenders are feeling a serious recession, says Fannie Mae's Douglas Duncan

Douglas Duncan, Fannie Mae chief economist, and Don Peebles, chair and CEO of the Peebles Corporation, join 'The Exchange' to discuss home supply challenges, the shrinking appetite for refinancing, and ongoing strength in the homebuilders sector.

Real Estate: Housing markets that are more affordable

New U.S. home sales are falling while home prices continue their climb higher. With the housing market operating under several price pressures and supply woes, just where can American homebuyers afford to live? Zillow Senior Economist Jeff Tucker sits down with Yahoo Finance Live to talk about the latest Case-Shiller Home Index print and housing affordability trends.

Homebuilder sentient goes negative for the first time in seven months

CNBC's Diana Olick joins 'The Exchange' to discuss a reversal in builders sentiment numbers for the first time in seven months, builders benefiting from a lower existing home supply and high interest rates causing homebuilders to offer more incentive plans to buyers.